You teach in one of the Masters HES-SO Master? This page is for you!

A badge is required to access the premises outside of business hours. If your commitment includes courses during these periods, ask for an access badge before your first intervention at master(at)

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Registration key: welcome2020

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HES-SO Master printers/photocopiers are operated by means of a badge. If necessary, the HES-SO Master reception desk will provide you with one. As a general rule, it is advisable to print your course materials in advance.

The HES-SO Master facilities have public wifi access. The network does not allow the downloading of executable files via wifi. If students need to install software on their computer, it is recommended that they be asked to do so before the course or to make the file available on a USB key.

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For any IT questions, please contact support: informatique.master(at)

A tripartite (in case of intervention on behalf of your employer/company) or bipartite (in case of intervention on an individual basis) contract is sent to you, based on the information provided by the module manager. The contract is accompanied by a registration form (if this is your first intervention for HES-SO Master) or your personal data form (if you have already given courses).

The invoice for services performed on the basis of a tripartite contract must be sent to HES-SO Master, Av. de Provence 6, 1007 Lausanne, at the end of the interventions. VAT must not be added, as teaching services are not subject to it. Travel and meal expenses, if applicable, may be added to the invoice, on the basis of the directive on the reimbursement of expenses for external lecturers (in French).

Services provided on the basis of a bipartite contract do not require any invoicing on your part, unless you are self-employed (see below). Payments are made once a month by the HES-SO HR department, after deduction of social security charges. You will be reimbursed for travel expenses in accordance with the directive on the reimbursement of expenses for external lecturers.

If you have a self-employed status, the CCJU to which the HES-SO is affiliated must decide on the independent or dependent nature of your benefits for HES-SO Master. To do so, you must provide us with a certificate of your status, which will be forwarded to the CCJU for determination. If your status is recognized, you will be able to invoice your benefits. In case of non-recognition, you will be paid individually with social security charges deducted.

For any question or information: intervenants.master(at)