Engineering and Architecture

Engineering and Architecture

Looking for a course or project in the field of engineering or architecture? Contribute to the development of the technologies of the future by learning the skills developed in our Bachelor’s, Master’s and Continuing Education programmes, or collaborating directly in our research activities.

The Joint Master of Arts in Architecture is offered jointly by the Hautes écoles spécialisées de Suisse occidentale (HES-SO) and the Haute école spécialisée bernoise (BFH). It awards the degree of Master of Arts in Architecture HES-SO / BFH, which is recognised in Switzerland and abroad (120 ECTS credits)

The aim of the HES⁠-⁠SO Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) is to train future engineers who are capable of taking responsibility for large-scale projects in technological and civil engineering fields.

There are four different Majors:

The Innokick Master’s enables students from of Engineering and Architecture, Business, Management and Services, and Design and Visual Arts to acquire the interdisciplinary skills they need to create innovative products and services that can be marketed successfully. It also provides a chance to develop business opportunities that meet the real needs of businesses geared to user expectations.

The Master of Science HES-SO in Life Sciences (MLS) is a programme in English which offers the unique opportunity to share professional experiences and expand your personal networks within the Life Science community.

In cooperation with BFH, FHNW and ZHAW, four Majors are available:

The joint Master of Science HES⁠-⁠SO -UNIGE in Territorial Development (MDT) offers advanced training in the fields of urban planning, geomatics, landscape architecture and territorial development, in both the North and South.

The Master of Science HES-SO in Territorial Engineering (MIT) deepens students’ theoretical and professional skills in territorial engineering roles. They develop skills that enable them to complete complex projects, from design through to implementation. The critical thinking they develop during the course also allows them to analyse and evaluate projects and to lead foresight analyses.