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What skills and knowledge will be developed?

The skills acquired will allow graduates to:

  • increase, deepen and improve their expert knowledge in their profession
  • increase their clinical decision-making capabilities and make better judgements in complex and uncertain situations
  • expand their knowledge of the health and social care context and its issues, and contribute to the development of innovative practices
  • take on leadership roles in their professional environment
  • develop scientifically based practices and supervise their implementation in the areas in which they work
  • develop and lead clinical and health prevention or promotion projects
  • produce knowledge and communicate it to specialist and non-specialist audiences
  • strengthen inter-professional cooperation and the autonomy of the health professions in innovative models.

The MScSa skills framework is based on the competences defined by the KFH for the health professions at Master’s level. They are split into skills that are common to the five majors, and those that are specific to each in the framework study plan.

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