Certificates of studies for each semester issued by HES‑SO Master are available at the start of each semester, on the student portal.

Statements cannot be requested from the universities where majors or classes for certain Master’s programmes take place.

As a student of HES-SO, you have access to the libraries of its partner universities. The list of libraries can be found here.

You also have access to all documents in the Bibliothèque cantonale et universitaire de Lausanne (BCUL) rom the Gymnase de Provence, which is to the north of the building.

Its opening hours can be found here.

swissuniversities offers you a range of documentary resources (including specialist databases and academic journals), which may be helpful during your studies. They are available here .

  • Agreement with the Crèche Pérollino in Fribourg, for students living in Fribourg, who need a day-care centre for their children
  • 12% discount in the following Groupe BOAS Swiss Hotel
  • Discount on a CFF travelcard for travel on the Swiss railway and bus network (up to age 30)
  • Discount on admission to the AQUATIS Aquarium/Vivarium in Lausanne by presenting your student ID card
  • Discounted rates on Tuesdays for admission to the baths in the Thermal Centre in Yverdon-les-Bains, by presenting your student ID card (not valid during the Christmas holidays)

To take advantage of these offers and for further information, contact HES-SO Master reception or write to master(at)hes-so.ch


Your student card allows you to access Provence buildings 6 and 12 outside their normal opening hours, and acts as an “electronic wallet” for Selecta vending machines; it can also be used as identification for printers and photocopiers..

You will be given a student card loaded with 1000 printing credits at the start of your course and you will receive a further set of credits at the start of each academic year. Once you have used up your quota, you will need to top up your card (at the terminal in the main hall in Provence 6).

The card contains your ID information and photo for authentication purposes. The first semester of your course is printed on your card; stickers for the following semesters
are available from reception at the start of each new semester.

Stickers for students on the MLS and JMA course are sent by post; stickers for students on the Innokick course are available from the Closel 3 site in Renens.

You are not entitled to the sticker for a semester for which you take a leave of absence.

You are responsible for the use of your card, which is for your personal use only; lending it to someone else is strictly prohibited. Sanctions will be imposed for any misuse.

If your card is lost or stolen, you must inform master(at)hes-so.ch immediately; a new card will be sent to you at a cost of CHF 25.

The balance remaining on your card is not refunded when you leave HES‑SO Master.

As a student on one of the nine HES-SO Master’s programmes, you are part of the community of HES-SO, HES-SO Master and your course.

All these communities can be found on HES-SO’s social media channels. Post, follow, share and comment using the hashtag #hessomaster

The Swiss Army has an “Army-School” coordination unit, whose aim is to limit disruption to studies for periods of military service as far as possible. The system in place provides for a liaison officer in each institution who examines and, if necessary, supports students’ applications for exemption. This is carried out by the head of HES-SO Master.

HES-SO Master supports applications for exemption from or deferral of military service in the following cases:

  • if the period of service falls in the three months preceding an examination
  • if the period of service falls during the student’s final year
  • if you have already completed a period of service during the same academic year
  • if you are encountering particular difficulties with your studies and your success could be compromised by a period of absence.

These are general principles, which are applied in light of your educational pathway and military situation. If you would like to submit an application for exemption, please download the relevant form here.

The completed form must be handed in at HES‑SO Master reception or sent to master(at)hes-so.ch.

Information and procedures relating to IT (access, software, charter, AAI account, IS-Academia, Moodle and other services) are described in detail on theHES-SO Master intranet.

Email the following for any questions about:

The national website www.swissuniability.ch is the result of joint efforts by the Réseau études et handicap Suisse, which was set up by the four following universities:
ZHAW, PHZH, the University of St. Gallen and HES-SO.

It is designed to offer assistance and advice to disabled students, to help them overcome infrastructure-related, technical and institutional hurdles.

A psychotherapy consultation is available to any HES‑SO Master student who is facing difficulties.

The Department of Psychiatry at CHUV (CHUV) can offer you a consultation and short-term follow-up, based on a specific model of four sessions, called “Brief psychodynamic therapy”. The final session includes a review, which determines whether the sessions should end or whether further therapeutic work is required, in which case further sessions will be organised with you.

The first session is offered free of charge, under an agreement between DP-CHUV and HES-SO. Further sessions will be charged to your basic health insurance by DP-CHUV. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Consultation psychothérapeutique pour étudiantes et étudiants HES-SO Master
Section accueil et interventions brèves
Place Chauderon 18
1003 Lausanne

For appointments or information by email*: consult.psy-hessomaster(at)chuv.ch 
Consultations are available from Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 18:00.

*Emails are read only by the consultants, who are bound by patient-doctor confidentiality.

The following sites may be useful if you are looking for work or a part-time job while you study:

NOTE: students who hold a B (residence for educational purposes) or G (cross-border commuter) permit are strictly limited to 15 working hours a week during term-time but are allowed to work full time during the holidays. If you need a certificate confirming your status, please email the relevant person in the academic services department responsible for your course or master(at)hes-so.ch